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Alvar Pet secures significant media-for-equity growth funding from 8 Media Ventures in Finland and Sweden

Alvar Pet, a leading online company in the premium dog food segment, takes in a new shareholder, 8 Media Ventures, the Nordic media-for-equity and media services company. 8 Media Ventures makes a significant advertising injection of television, radio, print and digital advertising to drive Alvar Pets growth initiatives, strengthen its brand presence, and expand its market reach in Finland and Sweden.
Alvar Pet’s vision is to support the health of each dog without compromising the health of the planet. The high-quality offering is designed with minimal impact on the climate - and with their D2C approach, they are able to build tailored diets that target the individual nutritional needs of each dog. The investment from 8 Media Ventures underscores their belief in Alvar Pet's unique value proposition and growth potential.
"The pet food industry is experiencing strong growth, and we see that despite the current economic situation dog owners place a lot of value on their beloved pets’ health,” said Ilari Haataja, CEO and co-founder of Alvar Pet. “We are thrilled to partner with 8 Media Ventures, whose experience and resources will enable us to amplify our brand awareness and reach more dog owners interested in locally produced premium options.”
Alvar Pet's commitment to quality and innovation aligns perfectly with 8 Media Ventures' focus on accelerating revenue growth for Nordic direct-to-consumer (D2C) companies.
"We see tremendous growth potential in Alvar Pet's unique offering within the premium dog food market," said Sami Vikback, CEO and one of the founders of 8 Media Ventures. "Their dedication to provide nutritionally balanced meals for dogs, their commitment to quality and their zero carbon paw print approach resonate very well with us. Through our partnership, we aim to raise awareness of Alvar Pet's brand, their products and drive their continued success in the market."
Alvar Pet's expansion plans include ramp up in the Swedish market, amplified brand awareness in both Finland and Sweden and further strengthening its digital first customer journey. The growth funding from 8 Media Ventures will fuel these initiatives, enabling Alvar Pet to deliver even greater value to its customers.
In Sweden, Alvar Pet's media exposure will span across Bonnier News ́ influential network of both digital and print publications.
“We are delighted to co-operate with Alvar Pet to help them grow their business here in Sweden. We know that there is a good match between our readers and Alvar Pets target group so it will be very exciting to see what results we can achieve.” Says Paul Brandenfeldt, Sales Director Bonnier News.

About Alvar Pet

Founded in 2020, Alvar Pet has quickly established its presence as a sustainability pioneer in the pet food industry. Combining a deep understanding of dogs’ nutritional needs and their diets’ climate impact, they are able to provide premium tailored diets packed with health benefits and a minimised “CO2 paw print”. The startup operates across Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

About 8 Media Ventures

8 Media Ventures Oy is a Nordic media-for-equity and media services company. Together with its partners MTV and Bauer Media in the Finnish market and Bonnier News in the Swedish market, its focus is to grow awareness and accelerate revenue growth of Nordic D2C growth companies. Operating on the media-for-equity principle, 8 Media Ventures fuels its portfolio companies’ growth agenda with premium reach advertising. Operating with the media-for equity principle, 8 Media Ventures fuels its portfolio companies’ growth agenda with premium reach advertising. The 8 Media Ventures team have a diverse background within the media, consumer marketing, technology, and investment industries. The company has offices in Helsinki and Stockholm.

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Alvar Pet
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8 Media Ventures
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