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8 Media Ventures Invests in Supernormal ™ to Improve Men's Health

Supernormal ™, one of the leading digital health platform, has secured a significant investment from 8 Media Ventures. This investment aims to support Supernormal's brand awareness and continued innovation in key health areas, including weight loss, sleep, sexual health, and diagnostics. As part of this strategic partnership, Supernormal will gain increased visibility in Bonnier News media channels, including Dagens Nyheter (DN) and DI Weekend.
Supernormal is a cutting-edge digital health platform dedicated to optimizing overall health by offering a range of products and services for men's health. Founded in late 2023, Supernormal offers a 360° approach to healthcare, addressing critical areas such as weight loss, sleep, sexual health, and diagnostics. The platform connects users with certified healthcare professionals, providing tailored consultations, advanced health tests, and effective treatment products.
"We are thrilled to have 8 Media Ventures as our partner," says Gustav Grippe, CEO of Supernormal. "This investment will enable us to reach more people who need our help, expand our services to new markets, and enhance our presence in prominent media outlets like DI and DI Weekend".
The partnership with 8 Media Ventures provides Supernormal with new resources to significantly increase its brand awareness in Sweden. Supernormal will gain visibility within Bonnier News' extensive network of publications.
Sami Vikback, CEO and founder of 8 Media Ventures: "Supernormal is exactly the type of innovative company we want to support. With a significant portion of men having health issues but not seeking help, Supernormal fills an essential role by offering a comprehensive platform to test, track, and offer a variate of solution to men’s health problems. With its strong leadership and experience from prominent companies like Google, Klarna and Meds, along with the platform's potential for rapid expansion, we see a great potential".

About Supernormal

Supernormal was founded in late 2023 with the goal of becoming an all-in-one platform for optimizing overall health. The company offers a combination of consultations, tests, and product sales to help men optimize their health. The platform includes solutions for weight loss, sleep improvement, sexual health, hair loss, and comprehensive diagnostics. The founding team includes experts from Google, Klarna, CDLP, and Meds.

About 8 Media Ventures

8 Media Ventures specializes in media-for-equity investments for startups and growth companies. Their business model offers companies expertise in media and advertising space in leading media channels in exchange for ownership. 8 Media Ventures' portfolio includes companies like Koite Health and Apomera AB. The company has offices in both Helsinki and Stockholm.

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CEO and Founder
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