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Koite Health Accelerate Growth in the Nordic Markets

Koite Health, an innovator in the oral health tech space, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with 8 Media Ventures, a leading Nordic media-for-equity company. This partnership will harness television, radio, print, and digital advertising to fuel Koite Health's expansion, reinforcing its brand and broadening its reach across Finland and Sweden.
Since its innovative product launch in 2020, Koite Health has revolutionized oral healthcare with Lumoral®, the world’s first antibacterial photodynamic treatment designed for home use. Lumoral's pioneering LED technology, paired with its light-activated, antibacterial Lumorinse mouthwash, safely and effectively curtails bacterial growth on teeth and gums. To date, over 15,000 Lumorals have been sold, with 50,000 treatments administered monthly.
Sakari Nikinmaa, CEO of Koite Health, remarked, "Lumoral, launched in 2020, addresses the urgent global need for treatments against bacteria-based dental diseases. This year, we've marked our presence in countries like Germany, Italy, Denmark, and the UK, with upcoming launches planned in France, Poland, Portugal, and the USA. Our collaboration with 8 Media Ventures aims to rocketfuel our growth in the Nordics and speed up our current success even more rapidly”.
Echoing this sentiment, Sami Vikback, CEO of 8 Media Ventures, stated, "We're excited to collaborate with Koite Health, a true disruptor in the oral health tech sector. Lumoral®’s impact and potential in redefining oral health is evident, and we're eager to champion their growth together with the team of Koite Health."
Koite Health's partnership with 8 Media Ventures will bolster both its footprint in the Swedish market and amplify brand visibility in Finland and Sweden.
In Sweden, Koite Health will leverage the extensive networks of Bonnier News. Paul Brandenfeldt, Sales Director at Bonnier News, commented, "Our alliance with Koite Health is strategic. The resonance between our readers and Koite's target audience is significant, and we're eager to witness the results."

About Koite Health

Founded in 2018, Koite Health is at the forefront of oral health tech. With its flagship product Lumoral® entering the market in 2020, the company addressing global challenges in oral diseases. With a presence in Finland, Sweden, and rapidly expanding globally, Koite Health continues to innovate in oral care.

About 8 Media Ventures

8 Media Ventures is a Nordic media-for-equity and media services company. Together with its partners MTV and Bauer Media in the Finnish market and Bonnier News in the Swedish market, its focus is to increase awareness and accelerate revenue growth of Nordic D2C growth companies. Operating on the media-for-equity principle, 8 MV fuels its portfolio companies’ growth agenda with premium reach advertising. The 8 MV team have a diverse background within the media, consumer marketing, technology, and investment industries. The company has offices in Helsinki and Stockholm.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Pekka Ruuska
Koite Health
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Sami Vikback
CEO & Founder
8 Media Ventures
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